Grow a God centered business that you love!


Ever made a dream board, written out your goals, only to go year after year wondering why you haven’t been able to check anything off yet?

I figured out the secret behind this after a long, frustrating and tiresome journey of confusion, falling short & feelings of failure. And I’m going to share it with you right now.


Dream boards don’t work.


But Vision work does.


Let me explain…


God has equipped you with certain strengths, talents, abilities and

Vision work takes you through the process of uncovering what these are and listening to the prompts from the Holy Spirit to understand your ultimate life vision.


After years of getting no results with a dream board, I was amazed to see my vision coming to life in the first two months of starting my vision work!


I believe to truly have a God centered business, we must be crystal clear on our vision and learn to align our thoughts, actions & business decisions to match. Keeping HIM front & center.


During my free Vision Clarity mini course, I uncover how this is straight from the word of God and if it’s that important to the Lord, then it should be that important to us too, right?!


This is why having a crystal clear vision is the foundation of what I do.


Proverbs 16:9 says, “A man’s heart plans his way but the Lord directs his steps”

Whether you choose to work through  my free workshop or want to work one on one with me to go deeper, this step is a requirement for my students because I firmly believe you cannot increase your passion, fully understand your purpose, step into your FULL potential or create God centered success without it.



that's what you're craving right?


Hey there! I’m Heather Dollar. Your Clarity & God Centered Business coach


I help new and aspiring female entrepreneurs to create a profitable lifestyle business that directly aligns with their vision, calling and potential so they can live the fulfilling, balanced and free life they dream of without the guesswork and overwhelm.



After setting myself free from the entrepreneurial uncertainty & burn out, I became obsessed with helping as many women as possible unveil their God-inspired desires. I have discovered the value in supporting women to understand their ultimate vision and tap into their natural God-given strengths, talents and abilities so that they can create a business that allows their gifts to flow effortlessly. I want more women to see, their FULL potential shine and to enjoy a lifestyle of irresistible passion for the Lord, their life and their biz (in that order!)


I’ve experienced the hustle whirlpool and how it forces our focus to be on success rather than the Lord. And while I reached that 5 figure monthly income, I felt unsettled and unsatisfied with the balance in my life. It was at this time I truly understood what it meant to have a God-centered business and that I would never be satisfied settling for less.


Launching a business is hard. I believe you should have the support you need to put the pieces God has given you together to create a peaceful, balanced lifestyle that you are so irresistibly passionate about that    captivates your ideal clients so much they literally cannot wait to meet you!



Free Resources to Support You

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Patti Shipp



Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Addiction Counselor

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Melinda Perez

IGNYTE Leader & Young Adult Advocate

"There were so many milestones that it would be impossible to list here but I do want to mention two turning points. I was agonizing over two business decisions. She introduced me to FLOW. If you don’t know what that is go to her website and check it out. It changed my decision-making skills dramatically! The other turning point was discovering God knows “the how”. If I follow my desires and I’m in the FLOW then God does “the how”. Heather helped me move my business to a more Christ-centered business that allows me to live in my full potential. I truly believe God has equipped Heather to help other women entrepreneurs to live in their full potential. We didn’t meet by chance....."


"Not only was my vision put into words that I can easily relay to someone if asked, but we have uncovered different aspects that could play a huge part in accomplishing my goal which i had not given thought to! we dove deep into what my purpose was, how I see it playing out and broke down the action steps into manageable tasks!!

I didn't realize how much I needed support until I started working the steps in this group. I couldn't imagine how having someone in your corner, helping you make the life you want makes it so much easier.  Heather really took the time to hear me out and added value to my desires! Thank You So Much! Im feeling ready for what's to come and excited to see it coming to life!!"

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Regina Samuel, U.K. 



Empowerment Coach for Women of Color

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Christina Maloney 



Business Coach


"It was amazing! I got so clear on my brand message and who I wanted to target. For someone like me who is so use to helping others, I was so blessed to work with Heather. She supported me in a way that gave me the clarity I needed to move forward in my business and vision.

After just 2 sessions I got so clear on things that I was having a hard time seeing myself. She has been an amazing woman to work with and I am looking forward to working with her in the future.

She gave me the tools I needed to move from just a dream. I learn so much about myself and who I am meant to serve. We were able to achieve the goals set in the first session, and come up with a strategy that I can take away and build a foundation with for my business.

Thank you Heather Dollar for helping open up my eyes to the vision God had given me and making it a reality in such a short time."


"Heather is so smart! She recognizes that success comes from within. Her approach to manage confidence that encompasses your whole life is revolutionary! It's not just about hitting a goal.  It's about developing an easy lifestyle and becoming the person you were meant to be.  Her program is amazing."